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Flexible, safe and accurate logistics solutions

Reliable transport, forwarding and logistics services

We provide our customers with a wide range of shipping and transport services, considering the needs of specific industries. We consciously plan our activities and choose logistics solutions that are most advantageous for the customer. At the same time, we aim to ensure top service quality, reliability in cooperation, safety of your transported goods and cost optimisation.

We are always ready to embrace change, which allows us to be flexible to new challenges and modify our services in line with the needs of the market and the recipients of our services.

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Reliable and safe domestic and international transportation services

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We can deliver your cargo to the farthest corners of the world, although we mainly focus on Europe. We operate in Poland and abroad, specifically in the EU countries and on the Eastern European market.

We also provide express transportation services: direct transportation of goods without transshipment to reach the destination as quickly as possible. We can transport bulk, FTL and oversized loads, adjusting our services every time to your individual requirements.

Carriage of goods by various modes of transport

We tailor the type of transport to the nature and type of cargo being carried, the destination and required time: whether it is a standard or express shipment. We provide delivery of goods by all modes of transport: road, rail, sea and air.

When transporting cargo over long distances, we recommend multimodal transportation, which – by combining different modes of transportation – allows you to streamline the process in terms of cost and delivery time.

It is a perfect solution for seasonal products, as in the case of the clothing industry, or those with a short expiration date, as in the case of the food industry.

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Transportation of standard and specialised cargo

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We transport goods of various types, selecting every time the best possible means of transport and logistic solution. We boast specialised knowledge and experience that allow us to organise safe and reliable transportation of temperature-controlled cargo (refrigerated transport) as well as bulk, hazardous, LTL and oversized cargo, among others.

At the same time, we comply with all the requirements and recommendations related to the transportation of specific types of cargo.

Professional consulting, monitoring and auxiliary services

At every stage of cooperation, we provide you with support and advice from our specialists regarding, among other things, the planning of transportation and the preparation of appropriate documents.

Moreover, our customers can benefit from auxiliary services such as cargo handling, warehouse logistics and e-commerce logistics. We also offer a monitoring service that enhances the security of your goods and improves the quality of transportation services.

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