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BahnTrans Logistics is an international logistics and freight forwarding company that specialises in the transportation of containerised, bulk and oversized cargo. Our experienced team, dynamic growth, a broad range of services and professional technical facilities ensure the highest quality of service for our customers.

We follow clear rules, the most important being complete satisfaction of our service users. Nothing is impossible for us. The greater the transportation and shipping challenge, the greater the satisfaction when we accomplish the goal. This is what our mission is about.

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Perfect logistics solutions for your transport

Why work with us?


Our innovative fleet of vehicles and a reliable team of experienced drivers allow us to carry out transport operations reliably and always on time.


We can deliver your cargo to any place in the world, although Europe is our key area of operation.

Safety and security

We take special care to ensure the safety and security of your transported goods, also during handling; we ensure your goods are monitored and our vehicles are parked only in guarded parking lots; we have a business liability insurance cover

Comprehensive services

We ensure full logistics and shipping service, including the preparation of required documentation and taking care of all the formalities; all you need to do is simply place an order with us and don’t need to worry anymore

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Our philars

Our mission

To co-create

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Logo BahnTrans Logistics
Logo BahnTrans Logistics

Our vision

Developing reliable logistics solutions of the future.

Our values

Confidence & trust



Open communication


Fair play in business

Logo BahnTrans Logistics

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