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We specialise in transportation, logistics and forwarding services, but our customers can expect us to do much more.

We understand the intricacies of the current situation and are mindful of business dynamics in many sectors.

We are confident that with our flexible approach to ever-changing market conditions, we can guarantee our customers the highest level of service at a competitive price.  Therefore, we focus on efficient and systematic transformation of our company in line with the needs of our customers and the requirements of the transportation market.

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Comprehensive transport and forwarding service

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International transport

Comprehensive transportation and forwarding services, including storage of goods. Efficient organisation, preparation of the required documentation and completion of any and all formalities. We deliver cargo to anywhere on Earth, including the European Union countries and China in particular.

Domestic transport

Safe B2B transportation across Poland – LTL, partial and FTL. We provide you with the most favourable solutions to optimise the cost of delivering goods to customers in Poland. As part of domestic transportation services, we offer warehousing of goods and additional services, such as monitoring and e-commerce logistics.

Eastern Europe transportation

FTL or partial truckload shipments to all Eastern European countries, including Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary in particular. We guarantee reliable execution of your transport orders and attractive freight rates. We provide our clients with professional consulting services regarding transportation to Eastern European countries.

Grow with us

Industry-specific solutions

We always tailor our logistics and transportation services to the needs and specific nature of every sector.

We have professional technical facilities, innovative infrastructure and a diverse fleet of vehicles. This allows us to offer industry-specific solutions and perfectly serve companies operating in various sectors.

Food industry

Agricultural industry

Chemical industry

Consumer electronics and home appliances industry

Machine industry

Transport equipment industry

Cosmetics industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Tobacco industry

Clothing industry

Automotive industry

Construction materials industry

Pulp and paper industry

FMCG sector

Steel industry

Alcohol industry

Take advantage of our know-how and experience

We offer various types of transportation and tailored logistics solutions 

Refrigerated transport

Transportation of sensitive goods in temperature-controlled conditions in professional isothermal compartments. Guaranteed safety and stability of products.

Transportation by curtain / regular tarpaulin semi-trailers

A curtain side trailer enables to carry large quantities of products at a time and prepare them quickly and conveniently for loading. Saves you time and money.

Bulk transport

Professional transportation of bulk cargo in appropriate conditions that guarantee protection from moisture, spray, clumping, etc. Carrying your goods with care to maintain their quality.

Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)

Transportation, loading and unloading of dangerous goods while meeting the stringent requirements of ADR regulations. Getting your goods safely to their destination.

Less-than-truckload (LTL) transport

Transportation of goods of varied shapes and small dimensions. Excellent management of cargo space and organisation of handling operations. Quality services at a lower cost.

Transport of oversize loads

Transportation of oversized non-standard cargo. Selection of the right mode of transportation. Forwarding by road, rail and sea.

Rail transport

An environmentally-friendly alternative for reliable and inexpensive transportation. Carriage of full-container, less-than-container and full-truckload cargo, also in temperature-controlled conditions. Developing our own railway lines.

Maritime transport

Carriage of large volumes of large-size cargo by sea to various corners of the world. Guaranteed loading, storage and unloading safety. International maritime shipping.

Multimodal transport

Efficient use of various modes of transportation (road, rail, air, sea) in international transportation of goods. Simplified procedures related to carriage of goods and quick arrival at the destination.

Grow with us

What makes us stand out?

  • Continued growth of our capabilities
  • Strictly industry-specific solutions
  • Innovative approach to challenges
  • Flexibility in cooperation

The quality of our services is certified by:

Bureau Veritas Vertification iso 9001:2015 - Bahntrans
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Logistics must not only keep up with changes in the economy and technological development, but also exceed the expectations and needs of our customers.

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